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Resources are needed for the construction of Buildings and creating Objects (other NFT’s).
The Resources are unlimited with the 5 basic elements providing you with all the resources you need to build your world and everything in it:
  1. 1.
    Wood: Wood
  2. 2.
    Fire: Energy
  3. 3.
    Earth: Sand
  4. 4.
    Metal: Iron
  5. 5.
    Water: Water
Resources can be mined manually or with special buildings and items intended for mining, which can be done automatically.
Additional resources can be bought in the Marketplace (The Big Market VR) from other users or, in case of a shortage, they can be purchased directly from the central warehouse.
Example: A user wants to build a Shop/Store on his VR Land so they can showcase their goods and services. They are keen to get started and do not have the time to mine the resources they need. So, rather than mining themselves, they will be able to purchase resources from other players using $VR at competitive market rates.
Each VR Land will have special mining features depending on which Tier you buy. There will be a minimal increase in mining speed that you are guaranteed to get. But how much mining speed will increase depends on chance. The average increase in mining speed is shown in the table below.
VR Land Tiers and its features:
Minimal increase in Mining Bonus
Average increase in Mining Bonus
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
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