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VR Lands Sale 2021

There are 168,000 VR Lands in Victoria VR across all tiers.
20% of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 VR Lands will be sold in the VR Land Sales this year.
Victoria VR Districts

How to get a VR Land

To buy VR Lands, you will need to be whitelisted in one of the following ways:

Early Bird Staking (Finished in 11 minutes):

Date of purchase: 15th December 2021 & 8th March 2022.
Conditions for Early Bird Staking:
  • Staking Period: 90 days.
  • Pool Hard Cap: 8m VR Tokens.
  • Staking Reward: 111% APY.
  • Whitelist for VR Lands Sales. Allocation ratio: 5000 staked VR Tokens = $500 worth of allocation to purchase VR lands (payment will then be made using VR Tokens). $500 will also be the floor price for VR lands.

Virtual Revolution Staking

In Virtual Revolution Staking, you will get VR Lands Tickets. The more VR Lands tickets you have, the more likely you will get whitelisted. These tickets can then be used in all VR Lands Sales in the future!
This staking will generously reward the REAL Victoria VR Believers who want to be a part of Virtual Revolution with us!
Rewards depend on the staking amount and staking period.

Stakers will be rewarded in multiple ways:

  • Dynamic APY
  • VR Land whitelisting
  • DAO
  • Airdrops
  • Staking rewards can be claimed every month
1 VR Lands Ticket = 61,888 VR Shares.
There are several ways to get 61,888 VR Shares, for example:
1. 6,888 VR tokens staked for 1 year
2. 816 VR tokens staked for 10 years
With this staking, you become a pioneer of a new virtual revolution.

There will be three snapshots:

Snapshot 1:
Time: 24th December 11:00 PM UTC (Christmas Day)
Allocation: 1,688 VR Lands.
Date of purchase: 28th December 2021.
Snapshot 2:
Time: 1st January 11:00 PM UTC (New Year)
Allocation: 3,688 VR Lands.
Date of purchase: 3rd January 2022.
Snapshot 3:
Time: 22nd March 11:00 PM UTC
Allocation: 680 VR Lands.
Date of purchase: 22nd March 2022.

KuCoin VR Lands Sale

Here is all the information about KuCoin whitelisting
Allocation: 1,000 VR Lands.
Date of purchase: 30th December 2021.

Orion Farming

Time: 12th January 2022.
Allocation: 2,000 VR Lands.
Date of purchase: 11th February.

Community Presale Participants

All Community Presale Participants are already whitelisted and guaranteed access to a minimum of one VR Land.
Already whitelisted.
Date of purchase: 15th March 2022.
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