Victoria VR


On these plots, you will mine in total all the elements 50/80% faster on average.
The Cyberpunk District, with an absence of building regulations, controls, and laws, has resulted in a wide range of unusual buildings and constructions dominating the area.
With hugely diverse architecture across the district, the facades of metal structured buildings are emblazoned with a rainbow assortment of bright neon lights, reflecting in its light the unique appearance of the irregular structures across the district.
Cyberpunk is a self-governed place where most people go to "Hustle 'n Bustle" and do "This 'n That" without fear of getting in trouble with the authorities. You can be sure to find an intense experience here.
With the authorities abandoning the Cyberpunk district, the streets and public spaces are carelessly maintained, with modern technologies mingling with human freedom and independence.
Cyberpunk District
Cyberpunk VR Land
Cyberpunk VR Land
Cyberpunk VR Land