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On these plots, you will mine sand (earth) on average 15/30% faster.
You can find the element of Earth in the North-East and South-West parts of Victoria VR World.
The high mountains symbolize the energy of the Earth, a place where the stone is mined, widely used for house construction. Due to the abundance of this raw material in the region, the entire city is made from stone.
Men here are mostly builders by profession and work mainly with stone and sculptures. The women here are typically engaged in literary activities, they read a lot, grow medicinal herbs, and are very wise.
An exciting feature of the North-East part is the significant occurrence of rare wise owls, which have settled here since ancient times.
In the South-West, the women practice full-body massage skills and help fighters regenerate. They cook healthy food according to medieval recipes and produce valuable traditional clay items based on the knowledge they inherited from their ancestors.
Earth District
Earth VR Land
Earth VR Land
Earth VR Land
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