Victoria VR


On these plots, you will mine in total all the elements 50/80% faster on average.
The Green Quarter was created to support the rapid expansion of the capital. High population density and the resulting necessary development has consumed enormous resources and created a need for a new city district, and a new way of living.
Formerly woodland, it was easy to use the latest environmental technologies and renewable resources to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable community.
The leading economy of the quarter is the extraction of fast-growing bamboo wood and the production of solar panels with energy storage for electricity production.
The buildings have been constructed with ecological wooden materials only. Filled with green areas from large parks to garden rooftops, the area creates a healthy and beneficial environment for living with its own microclimate. The Green District is sustainable and will continue to grow in balance with nature for the long term.
Green District
Green VR Land
Green VR Land
Green VR Land