Victoria VR


On these plots, you will mine water on average 15/30% faster.
The Water elements can be found in the Northern area of Victoria VR, known as Black Turtle.
The area is lined by mountains. Hidden behind a magnificent waterfall, the landscape opens up with the city extending far into the water.
From the northern side of the Black Turtle, the elongated city continues to water across the mainland, where the houses have wavy shapes in harmony with the moving sea level.
The people living here prefer a spiritual path and are politically impartial. They have to be brave due to the fear constantly prevailing on the water. They are persistently seeking the meaning of life, and are keen on strategic games that improve mental health and help reach the balance of body, mind, and soul. They believe that, like running water, the path of life never stops and have an intense focus on human flourishing.
Freshwater is extracted from the northern area's largest crystal-clear lake.
Water District
Water VR Land
Water VR Land
Water VR Land
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